*Kip's products are no longer in production. Thank you for your support and business.*
Gluten-Free Oats
Plant Protein
Flax Seed Meal
Gluten Free
Gluten Free
Plant protein
Made with 4-5g plant protein per serving
100% Vegan

We first heard about this company from a food allergy expo last month. Surprisingly, it’s safe for my toddler who has 12 serious food allergies. Both flavors are crunchy and delicious and there isn’t a ton of sugar like comparable products. Great in yogurt and on its own! And the customer service is so personal and friendly, too!

- Alyse

5 Stars

I am allergic to nuts, coconut, yeast and a few other things so it is always hard to find yummy snacks that are healthy and most importantly taste great! I tried this the other day at my friend's house and fell in love! I eat it out of the bag like someone would eat trail mix. Or when I want something crunchy like a cracker this is a sweet replacement.

- Cherie