Steph's Travel Tips: What to Pack When Staying Away From Home

September 9, 2020

Steph La Rochelle has become an expert at traveling with food allergies, being on the road with the national tour of Dear Evan Hansen.

Travelling with life-threatening allergies can be a challenge. Having certain items on hand makes life a little easier. Here are the Top 5 Things I Pack When Staying Away From Home...

1. EpiPens

EpiPens are number one. They are such a huge security blanket and absolutely necessary as a life-saving device in the event of an anaphylactic reaction. You never know when one EpiPen might malfunction so I always carry two EpiPens with me no matter where I go. When travelling, it can be hard to keep track of hospital locations so I keep a third on hand. Always a good idea, especially if you are trying new foods and restaurants on the road.

2. To-Go Container/Cutlery

I don’t always feel up to trying new restaurants or foods. It can be pretty stressful and anxiety-inducing for me so I like to make my own meals when I’m away from home. Whether it be dinner at a friend’s house, lunch on the go, or even a wedding, I bring my own food and cutlery.

I recently purchased a great container (see below) that includes separate compartments for sides and condiments - perfect for salad on the go - and it’s microwavable! If you have access to a grocery store while travelling, I find salads super easy as they don’t necessarily involve any “cooking”. All you need to grab is a package of lettuce, maybe a can of beans for protein, some fruit and/or veggies, and whatever dressing you like!

A great to-go container: the Rubbermaid 4.7 Cup Brilliance Food Storage Container

3. Snacks

Anyone who knows me well knows my backpack is always stocked up with snacks. Allergy-friendly food isn’t always easily accessible when travelling and you never know what the day might bring! My favourite quick and easy allergy-friendly snacks on the go are apples and allergy-friendly granola bars or trail mix!

4. Hand Wipes

I always have hand wipes in my backpack when travelling. Generally, I don’t like to touch food that I am going to ingest before washing my hands. Also, airlines often serve nuts as a snack so they are perfect for airplane tray tables and armrests!

5. Allergy Medication

I have environmental allergies as well as food allergies so I can’t leave home without my allergy medication. You never know what the climate is going to be like and occasionally the air quality in hotels and AirBnBs isn’t the greatest due to mold, dust, pet dander, etc.

Happy travels!

Steph La Rochelle


Steph La Rochelle is currently playing 'Zoe Murphy' in the national tour of “Dear Evan Hansen”.