Emerson's Do's and Don'ts for Food Allergy Parents

August 26, 2020

My parents have taught me to advocate for myself, and that's the most important thing ever!

Hello, my name is Emerson Metropoulos, I am 11 years old, and I have a tree nut allergy. When I was 2, I had an anaphylactic reaction to pistachios. I am now the proud owner of Sweet E’s Cookies, a cookie company that offers top 8 allergen free, gluten free and vegan baked goods!

Over the past several years I have had to navigate food allergies with the help of my parents. I have learned what is really helpful and what I really struggle with. In other words, today I am sharing with you some do’s and don’ts.

Some of the things I really like that my parents DO is the following:

  • Do help me when I need help with ingredients
  • Do hold an epipen, even if I have one too
  • Do trust me
  • Do talk to friends' parents
  • Do call restaurants ahead
  • Do help me remember my epipens (always carry 2)

Some of the things I really DON’T like that my parents do:

  • Don’t be too protective of me just because I have a food allergy (it gets annoying)
  • Don’t ask constantly if I feel ok every second
  • Don’t speak for me
  • Don’t shelter me
  • Don’t tell every single person you meet I have an allergy
  • Don’t keep me from going to friends houses or parties because of my allergy

While having an allergy for the past several years has not been easy, my parents have helped me navigate my allergy. It has been a big help! They have taught me how to advocate for myself and that is the most important thing ever!


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